Because we get asked what solar equipment we use and how we set things up, we have produced a booklet called "DIY Off-Grid Solar Made Easy".
Please request a free copy, as it will help you work out your kit size and potentially 
save you thousands of dollars.



Below,  are the latest solar kit parts prices with discounts. Once you have decided on the right parts for yourself, let us know and we'll go over things carefully with you to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need. Once all is clear, we will send you an official Quote/TAX invoice with all applied discounts. Any quote is valid for 1 month and to activate the order, you simply pay the amount to the account on the invoice.

Delivery is usually within 10-15 working days.


We get you 20% off these RRP prices
12vSunGel    2vSunGel

12V 166Ah (C10) RRP $1315 + transport. 
5Y + 5Y pro-rata warranty. 16Y Design Life.

2V 175Ah (C10) RRP $517 + transport. 
6Y + 6Y pro-rata warranty.
20Y Design Life.  

Made for snow to desert temperatures and used in rail, Telecom, mining and solar applications, the Australian SunGel are amongst the most robust and cost effective batteries on the market today. 
Available in varying sizes and voltages.  
Email us for the latest complete price list.

To extend the life-span of the battery, we recommend putting a quality Super capacitor in parallel. See Super Capacitors below...



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6V 205Ah (C10) Maxon RRP $330 + transport. 2Y warranty (3Y Float)
Made at one of the worlds most reputable battery factories in Asia and built to heavy duty Australian requirements, these batteries have long proven to be the “best choice” of the budget battery range.
They have thick lead carbon plates and a dry-out resistant German GEL.
They can work tirelessly for many years without losing capacity in snow to desert temperatures. A full drain factory test every day for 1 year showed no loss in capacity.

To extend the lifespan of the battery, we recommend putting the following  industrial grade Super capacitor in parallel...

SUPER CAPACITOR battery life extender  


To extend the life span of a battery 1.5 - 4 times, we recommended using a 48V USA Maxwell super capacitor in parallel. This size capacitor works well with 12-36V battery banks with up to 48V peak input. Capable of over 1,000,000 full cycles, they can far outlast all batteries.

Where a battery takes hundreds of milliseconds to react to a surge, capacitors deliver thousands of amps in a just few milliseconds. As such, they literally block the hundreds of daily micro-surges form reaching the battery plates, where every surge would loosen an atomic layer of lead and slowly turn it to mush, reducing its ability to perform.

Super Capacitors can also extend the life-span of the inverter by taking over the heavy duty voltage smoothing work of the inverters electrolytic capacitors. Like batteries, electrolytic capacitors have a finite life and can fail after 15-20 years of hard work.
When using a super capacitor, your inverter could well last for 30 years or more.

Super capacitors can also block huge surges caused by nearby lightening strikes or heaviest surges, which provides an additional layer of protection to batteries, inverters and any other DC electronics like a 24V to 12V converter etc.
A super capacitor is the best insurance policy one could wish for and well worth the investment.

We recommend only using the USA Maxwell capacitors however, as other capacitors may come with long term problems like degrading internals  resulting in heat and pressure build up, leading to a possible rupturing of the casing.

The 48V Maxwell units are made up of 18 x 3000 Farad capacitors and come with a built in balancing system to ensure that all capacitors stay equal. Super capacitors are mainly used in electric accelerators on trains, buses, mining trucks, cars etc. and are generally to expensive to use in solar systems. Hence their rarity.
To save the ~$2200 expense of a new capacitor, we provide the select best pre-used and tested units with a 2Y warranty for around $700.
If you are interested, please contact us as we only have limited stock and they are only sporadically available. 

CABLES to link Batteries. Get 10% off this price  


These are Australian made flat crimped (for higher surface area contact), soldered (for even better contact) and sealed with glue filled heavy shrink tube. The cables are made up of 4 x 70A individual cables which provide a better cooling when compared to a singular thick cable.

280A 25cm with crimped and soldered lugs RRP $29 + transport 3Y warranty  
280A 75cm with crimped and soldered lugs RRP $39 + transport 3Y warranty

INVERTERS factory direct - get 10% off the RRP price  
Australian made Latronics inverters which are well suited to the long life carbon batteries. 
These inverters are built like tanks, rarely fail and can work 24/7 for decades through extreme Aussie conditions with many still working after 20 years. They are our undisputed favourite.  
We sell our "X" series version of inverter with and eXtended voltage window which goes lower so that batteries can provide everything they can, in an emergency. This is only possible when using Carbon batteries as they are more forgiving to the occasional low drain. The "X" versions also go higher when coupled with 30V batteries (5 x 6V) which max out at 36V. All up a 24V inverter can be ordered to work from as low as 21V all the way up to 36V.


LS624: 600/750W 24V Has a built in AC socket. 2Y warranty.
Runs washing machines, fridges, freezers, pumps and some hand tools
You can choose between a power socket or a hard wire terminal. This inverter also makes for a great emergancy back up inverter to keep the fridge, pump lights and washing machine going should the main house unit ever need a repair.
RRP $1045 + transport. 


LS1224: 1200/1600W 24V Has built in AC socket. 2Y warranty.
Runs most household and shed appliances
You can choose between a power socket or a hard wire terminal.
RRP $1661 + transport. 

LS1824: 1800/2200W 24V Most popular. Mains like power. Good $/W ratio  
Runs any single phase equipment. 2Y warranty.
You can choose between a power socket or a hard wire terminal.
RRP $2145+ transport.   

LS4024: 4000/4500W 24V 3Y warranty.
Hard wire connection only. Good for 15A electric oven or 2 single 10A appliances running at the same time.
RRP $4609 + transport.  

12V, 48V, 96V up to 8000/9600W are also available.  
Email us for the latest complete price list

REGULATORS assembled with fuses and cables - get 10% off this price  
The Australian made GSL regulators are built like tanks and and can work tirelessly for decades. They are available as 30A, 60A, or for higher amps, put in parallel with individual solar strings feeding them.
They are built and set to provide the longest possible life for GEL batteries. Here a picture of a 2 x 60A regulator chargers with a DC breaker for each. Total output 120A.

30A 12-48V MPPT DCDC GSL Regulator + 2m 140A battery lead with lugs reset fuse + 0.5m fused input leads with 4 plugs for up to 2 sets of 4 A-Frames. RRP $980 + transport. 2Y warranty  
60A 12-48V MPPT DCDC GSL Regulator + 2m 140A battery lead with lugs reset fuse + 0.5m fused input leads with 4 plugs for up to 2 sets of 4 A-Frames. RRP $1080 + transport. 2Y warranty  

CABLE plugs to link Solar A-Frames together - get 10% off this price  
Low loss 100% Copper, Oxygen free, 6mm 70A twin cable with crimped and soldered genuine 42 amp MC4 plugs.  

4 x A-Frames with 10m extension RRP $275 + transport. 3Y warranty
4 x A-Frames with 15m extension RRP $296 + transport. 3Y warranty
4 x A-Frames with 20m extension RRP $317 + transport. 3Y warranty  
For 8 A-frames, multiply x 2.  

EXTENSION CABLE from end of A-Frame cable to Regulator - get 10% off this price  
Extensions are if you miscalculated your distance from your A-Frames and need to extend the cable somewhat.  You simply click the extension in between your existing cable and the regulator. Low loss 100% Copper, Oxygen free 6mm 70A twin cable with crimped and soldered genuine 42 amp  MC4 plugs are used only.  
5m   with 4 plugs RRP $45 + transport. 3Y warranty
10m with 4 plugs RRP $65 + transport. 3Y warranty  
15m with 4 plugs RRP $80 + transport. 3Y warranty  

SOLAR A-Frames made from 2 back to back hinged panels
Buy more than 4 A-Frames and get 10% off these prices. 

PRE-USED PANLES w. 2Y warranty $0.25/W + transport. Output like new.
NEW PANELS are available at around $1/W. + transport. 
SIZES: 190W, 250W, 270W, 300W, 400W
To get them pre-assembled as A-Frames using heavy duty hinges add $25 per A-Frame

DIY A-frame kits:
Want to make the A-frames yourself, then get the heavy duty hinge sets with self drilling screws - buy 4 sets and get 10% off this price.
A set consists of 2 heavy stainless butt hinges + 16 x 30mm self drilling screws per A-Frame.
RRP $15 + transport

GROUNDMOUNT LEGS to lift the panels 20cm off the ground. Buy over 4 sets and get 10% off this price.  
4 x 40x40x500mm "L" aluminium legs with 6 screw holes and a peg hole per leg. A set of 4 legs comes with 24 x 30mm self drilling screws and 4 x 40cm long galvanised anchor pegs. RRP$107 / A-Frame + transport. 3Y warranty
Add $10 per A-Frame if you want them pre-mounted


Door to door DELIVERIES can be made to almost anywhere in Australia at very reasonable prices.
Please inquire.  
Call or email Serge for more info.  
Thank you